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  • Weeds: Season 6 Blu-ray

    Weeds: Season 6 Blu-ray

    The Weeds Season 6 Blu Ray DVD set sees the Botwins on the run, with a new identity. As the Newmans, they make their way from Seattle to Michigan for one adventure after another. In the Weeds DVD set, they are on the run because the law and husband Esteban are tracking them after Nancy's son, Shane,…


  • Weeds: Season 3 DVD

    Weeds: Season 3 DVD

    …in the Weeds DVD set from season three when an off beat way to make ends meet grows into a mini-empire, the mother of all dealers finds she may be in over her head and on the verge of taking everyone else with her. Hilarious and subversive, Weeds is the hit that put the herb in suburb. Buy the Weeds


  • Weeds: Season 5 DVD

    Weeds: Season 5 DVD

    …enemies out to smoke the Queen of Green in the Weeds video from season five, Nancy’s sure to find a whole new crop of trouble in an all new season of Weeds – starring Emmy® and Golden Globe® winner Mary-Louise Parker. Buy the Weeds Season 5 DVD set that ends with a bang after…


  • Weeds: Season 6 DVD

    Weeds: Season 6 DVD

    …supporter in Mexico, who was threatening to kill the Botwin children. In the Weeds DVD set, the "Newmans" travel from Seattle to Michigan, eventually getting back into the family business, selling drugs. The Weeds Season 6 DVD set of this highly acclaimed series turns over a new leaf when…


  • Weeds: Season 8 Blu-ray

    Weeds: Season 8 Blu-ray

    The last time we saw Nancy and the Botwins, it was through the scope of a hit man's rifle. Nancy had sprung from the joint and gone to New York City, where she made a fresh start doing what she does best - selling pot and making enemies. Now, everyone's wondering who put out the hit... and who got…


  • Weeds: Season 2 Blu-ray

    Weeds: Season 2 Blu-ray

    The Weeds Season 2 Blu Ray DVD set offers a darker, edgier season as suburban housewife Nancy Botwin joins forces with friends and pot-dealer Conrad to sell the best weed. It's all the rage with college students and other suburbanites who need to get high to survive their boring lives in ticky-tacky…


  • Weeds Seasons 1-7 DVD Set

    Weeds Seasons 1-7 DVD Set

    …even in paradise, nobody's perfect. Don't miss Weeds, an addictive comedy, the highest grade TV has to offer. Weeds: The Complete Third Season DVD America's favorite pot-dealing soccer mom is more addictive than ever in the third season of Weeds, the highly acclaimed Showtime Original Series. Emmy-…

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  • Weeds: Season 1 DVD

    Weeds: Season 1 DVD

    The Weeds Season 1 DVD set in full screen puts Nancy Botwin in a tough spot: Either support her family by selling pot, or face poverty after her husband dies. Nancy chooses the life of crime, protecting her children at first from it. The Weeds DVD set from season one will leave you wondering what is…


  • Weeds: Season 5 Blu-ray

    Weeds: Season 5 Blu-ray

    …kidnappers. In the Weeds DVD set from season five, enemies are trying to smoke out the Queen of Green, but Nancy’s sure to find a whole new crop of trouble in an all new season of WEEDS – starring Emmy® and Golden Globe® winner Mary-Louise Parker. Shop for the Weeds Season 5…


  • Weeds: Season 1 Blu-ray

    Weeds: Season 1 Blu-ray

    The Weeds Season 1 Blu Ray DVD set shows how even the ticky-tackiest suburb of Agrestic has a market for pot. Join Nancy Botwin, widow and mother of two in the burbs, who turns into a drug dealer to keep the family afloat. The Weeds DVD set from season one is full of twists and turns as the Botwins…


  • Weeds: Season 4 Blu-ray

    Weeds: Season 4 Blu-ray

    …and buzz-worthy comedy. Shop for the Weeds Season 4 Blu Ray DVD set for adventure across the border that could leave suburban-mom-turned-drug-dealer Nancy Botwin dead. Episode List:Little Titles By Jenji KohanBurbs To The BeachI'm A Big Kid NowThe Weed WranglersMoving WeightTour of Bubbie's…


  • Weeds: Season 3 Blu-ray

    Weeds: Season 3 Blu-ray

    Weeds Season 3 Blu Ray DVD set ends with Agrestic in flames. The world can live with a few less ticky-tacky little houses. But can it live without the signature pot that suburban mom Nancy Botwin and Conrad have devised? Find out in the Weeds DVD set from season three, where Nancy's son begins to…